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About Us

Our Premise

Sapphire BTS is a company founded on the belief providing better service with true pricing delivers better results.  Large or small, businesses want to do business at their speed and at a price point that make sense.


What makes us different?

The simple answer: Relationships

What does this mean? Simply put Sapphire BTS is a company truly focused on treating our customers as we want to be treated and establishing a relationship with our customers based on trust. We want our customers for life not just the life of the deal.


What do we provide?

Sapphire BTS provides a partnership.  This differs from the more common IT and Technical Services companies you will find out there. Those providers want to sell you their services or products. We sell you our expertise and experience.

We match technology to your business. This means we focus on understanding your business, what goals you have, and where you want it to go. Then we provide the solution(s) that take your there now and in the future.

Their focus is on the technology…

Our focus is on your business…

Your focus is your business….

We have something in common….